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OBJETIVO: Exercitar através de exercícios programáticos a assimilação do conteúdo
Duração da atividade: 80 min.
Resultados esperados: compreensão do conteúdo
Exercício prático
Participação frequencial
Present Continuous
1 - Complete as frases com os verbos no Present Continuous (ex. am doing, is eating).
Charles is doing (do) his homework.
The children _____________ (play) in the garden.
She _____________2 (drive) fast today.
They ____________________3 (not talk) to each other today.
Be quiet please. The baby __________________ 4 (sleep).
At the moment my wife ___________________5 (feed) the dogs and I ___________________6 (water) the plants.
Why ___________________7 (you read) the letter again? Because I _______________8 (check) for spelling mistakes.
The sky ________________________9 (get) dark. You'd better take an umbrella.
John 10 (not study) at the moment. He _______________________11 (read) a comic book.
Where is Carla? She ________________________12 (sit) in the living room. What __________________________________13 (she do)? She __________________14 (watch) television.
What a nice dress you _____________________________15 (wear) today.
01. Complete com o tempo correto do verbo indicado as frases:a) Take the money just in case you ________________ it.
(to need)
b) As soon as he ________________ back, I’ll tell you.
(to come)
02. Complete com o tempo correto do verbo indicado as frases:a) Leave the money with me in case he ________________.
(to return)
b) She _________ while her husband ___________ the paper.
(to cook) (to read)
03. Complete com o tempo correto do verbo indicando as frases:

a) Waithere until they ________________.
(to arrive)
b) Be quiet! He ____________ now.
(to sleep)
04. Wake me up as soon as my brothers________________.
a) will arrive
b) arrived
c) arrive
d) had arrived
e) is arriving
05. “Hello, Ann. What are you doing?”
“I _______________ my books.”
a) were looking
b) had looked
c) has been looking
d) am looking for
e) looks
06. Will you see her when she __________ ?
a) arrived
b) does arrives
c) did arrive
d) arrive
e) arrives
07. "My wife learned to play bridge."
"How nice! We _______________."
a) play often that game, too
b) often play that game, too
c) also that game play often
d) play also that game often
e) play too often that game
08. I'm taking my umbrella in case it ________ later on.
a) rains
b) rain
c) raining
d) is rainning
e) rained
09. A: I',m sorry: I forgot to post your letter.
B: Never mind! I'll post it myself when I _________ out.
a) going
b) am go
c) go
d) goes
e) gone
10. As long as I ___________ I'll not move from my home town.
a) lives
b) to lives
c) live
d) am living
e) to live
3 – Preencha os espaços em branco co o verbo no presente continuo.
  1. Where's Dad? He __________________ (paint) the door.
  2. He usually drinks tea, but today he ________________ (drink) coffee.
  3. Who ________________________ (he talk) to? He __________________ (talk) to his wife
  4. She usually goes to school by car, but today she ________________ (walk).
  5. Maria _________________ (have) a meeting at the moment
  6. What ___________________(you do) tonight? I _________________(stay) at home
  7. Where __________________ (you go) on holiday this summer? I _____________________ (not go) anywhere. I _____________________ (stay) at home.
  8. What ___________________(he read)? He __________________(read) an old newspaper article.
  9. You ____________________ (not tell) me the truth. You _______________________ (hide) something from me
  10. John ________________________(study) English for six years.

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